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Academy of Intuitive Mastery

Learn to Live a Superconscious Life

A fun, collaborative hub of intuitive experts offering educational resources & building a community who applies their intuition to everyday life, contributing to the consciousness movement.

Leah Foley

Leah Foley

Tess Miller-Sharp

Tess Miller-Sharp

Vincent Melling

Vincent Melling

free webinar
Structured Intuition

Beyond Hunches, Gut Feels and Waiting for Signs

How to use imagination to rise above doubt and access ingenious decision making on demand.

Harness Your Intuition 101 + HeartVision 102

Fun and uplifting trainings to harness your intuition, giving you the skillset to connect & bring your visions to life, so you can create a Soul Inspired Life with Authentic Choices.

Harness Your Self Mastery 103 

Compassionately explore & harmonise your unseen self-sabotage, activate your own Authentic Creator & manifest your Big Crazy Vision.

Live Masterclass Series + Monthly Drop-In Coaching

Mindblowing & engaging live workshops that enrich the foundations of 101 /102 + 103, giving you insight how to use your inner-tuition. Join in and be a part growing community.


Live Masterclass Series 4

20th May & 27th May 2024


How to maintain a state of presence throughout your day

20th May 2024

6:30pm NSW


Accessing a higher perspective in the heat of the moment

27th May 2024

6:30pm NSW

MC207 + MC208:               JOIN US FOR BOTH MC's. 

Special discount to join us for both for only $44AUD

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Hackers Guide to Intuition (Part 1)

What I didn't know about my intuition

The A.I.M Team

Tess, Vincent & Leah give their 30 second answers.

Before we found this work, we were as skeptical as you...until we realised how important it is to Harness Your Intuition.

Did you get value from this video? 

You can watch Parts 2, 3 and 4 on our Youtube channel. Click the link below.


Your starting place for your journey to create the skillset you have never been taught before. Practical and grounded access to your intuition for better decision making, to enhance your creativity and live a Soul Inspired life guided by your HeartVision.


Harness Your Self Mastery 103

Are you blessed with big crazy dreams and beautiful compelling visions – but, when it comes to the creating the end results?

A 6 month journey to transmute your resistance with care and compassion,to unleash your authentic creativity towards a better future.

  • Explore your Authentic Creator, your Shadow & Self Sabotager

  • Super-Charge your Creative Process & gain Momentum

  • Intuition training a pre-requisite


    Masterclass Series

    90 min masterclasses to help you create awareness

    You've learned to access your intuition. You've learned to use circles to get focused insight and guidance. 

    But sometimes you feel you want more...more detail. 

    These Masterclasses show you how we apply our intuitive skillsets to different themes, and other processes we've learnt along the way.

  • Insights into Human Design for decision making

  • Connection to Spirit guidance

  • Life Alignment Technique 4 Step emotional shift process

  • ...and much more to come. Stay tuned!


    Meet the A.I.M Team

    Leah Foley

    Leah is a medical intuitive & intuitive healer/coach with a life calling to consolidate a deeper understanding of how people (esp healers) can return back to health & vitality.

    Tess Miller-Sharp

    Tess is an intuition and Life Alignment Technique teacher, coach and speaker who is passionate about guiding soul conscious businesses and beings to thrive.

    Vincent Melling

    Vincent is an intuitive creativity coach, teacher and author who loves to blend these skills with his professional and business experience to guide in turning their visions into end results with magic and flow.

    Our Values

    Fun & Joyful

    with open-hearted & adventurous exploration


    confidentiality & safety for all, everyone has a place to express


    a hub of collaboration & support, common-unity through intuition

    Genuine & Integrity

    honest, vulnerable communication & interations


    presence, accessing the real you & your purpose, stepping out of your comfort zone

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