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A no-fluff intro to Harnessing your Intuition and

Creating your HeartVision + Authentic Choices

Harness Your

Intuition 101

A fun and uplifting NO-FLUFF workshop on harnessing intuition that naturally unlocks gateways to creative mastery

Harness Your

HeartVision 102

Following 101, a deep dive into your heart’s truth and the foundational framework to bring your visions to life

Perhaps you’ve seen glimpses of your HEARTVISION before. 

You know you have something special to share, know it’s true in your heart… 

But you lack the clarity. And doubt over next steps and specific choices keep creeping in.

Perhaps you’ve felt unable to fully hear your INTUITION

...nudging you towards your best possible purpose-driven life.

Are over OVER-THINKING this?

What if there’s an easier way to know and feel aligned with what to do next?

We can help you put those concerns behind you and reset your life direction in our upcoming Harness Your Intuition 101 / HeartVision 102 training.

What You Will Learn and Experience

  • A structured approach to access intuitive lightbulb moments on demand

  • Guidance as you create resonant Authentic Choice statements: your key priorities for heart-based living

  • You'll sink into and be inspired by deep heart energy

  • You'll learn to access dramatically improved (and speedier) decision making

  • You'll be supported in a like-minded community

  • The Academy of Intuitive Mastery has a 4-step process
    to build back certainty and alignment with your true Soul calling

    1. Raise your vibration to its highest frequency and possibilities: your GREATNESS

    2. At this frequency, connect with your most plentiful life living from heart: your HEARTVISION

    3. From this vision, draw out specifics and key priorities in statements that resonate: your AUTHENTIC CHOICES

    4. With these choice statements, receive clarity and next steps on demand using STRUCTURED INTUITION

    The training runs over 2 weeks with a combination of group sessions and self-paced work.

     Tired of limiting formulas? 

    Intuition is the catalyst that will align you, guide you
    and help you find YOUR way!

    Harnessing your HeartVision + Authentic Choices 
    will give you answers and experiences you haven’t even considered.


    relied on their intuition to make key business

    AND life decisions and they attribute it to their success

    Are you over Over-Thinking?

    Does trying to think outside the box just leave you in a bigger box?  

    Discover EXACTLY how and why your thinking keeps you limited and going in circles. 

    There are many amazingly simple intuitive techniques you can learn that blows those limits away.  

    Tired of formulas?

    Have you tried all the formulas, how-to’s and common approaches to work and life, and been left weary and no better off for your effort? 


    Learn to craft and intuit your Authentic Choices.


    Use Structured Intuition to find YOUR alignment to a greater evolution. Make changes you didn’t know were possible.

    Fish out of Water?

    Do you know, societal conditioning leaves us disconnected from our innate intuitive capacity?


    Contrary to the popular narrative, we are all intuitive. 

    Tap back into the ever-present guidance of our intuition and bring your big, crazy HeartVisions to life.

    commences 24th feb 24commences 24th feb 24

    This course includes

  •  8 Video Lessons

  • 3 Live Sessions via Zoom

  • 2 Awesome Cheatsheets

  • Harness Your Intuition 101


    Come join us in this fun, supportive & well-structured intuition workshop series, made up of self-paced trainings & live sessions (all online)

    5 Self-paced training videos:

    ✔️ Definitions *

    ✔️  In-no-sense *

    ✔️ What’s Obvious

    ✔️ Symbols

    ✔️ Circles

    *Definitions and In-No-Sense videos need to be watched prior to live training

    Live Interactive Session 1:

    Accessing your Intuitive Greatness

    Access your inner knowing & tap into the ever-present guidance of your intuition.

    Date: Saturday 24th Feb 2024

    Time: 9am – 1pm NSW


    Harness Your HeartVision 102


    3 Self-paced training modules:

    ✔️ HeartVision Meditation

    ✔️ Art of 'Choices'

    ✔️ Intuitive Framework Set-Up 

    Bonus: 'Forming Choices' + 'Daily Practice' Cheatsheets

    BONUS Mid-Week Sessions:

    Monday 26th Feb (evening): HeartVision & Areas of Life meditations

    Wednesday 28th Feb (evening): Meme of Themes

    (Can attend or watch self-paced videos)

    Live Interactive Session 2:

    Breathing Soul into your Choices

    Stop questioning yourself & focus on fulfilling your true heart desires. 

    Craft your soulful Authentic Choices.

    HeartVision choice statements are a massive step up from dream, goals & intention setting.

    Date: Saturday 2nd Mar 2024

    Time: 9am – 11am NSW

    Live Interactive Session 3:

    Intuiting Deep Knowingness & Soul Direction

    Understanding how to set up an intuitive framework.

    For clearer direction & next steps to ground your HeartVision, without the pros/cons list.

    Date: Saturday 9th Feb 2024

    Time: 9am – 11am NSW

    All times Sydney/Melbourne



    The Blue text are the live zoom calls and it’s important to be on these. This is where we get to practice and it’s so much fun!

    The Green text is optional for those who prefer to have live calls or if you’re good with watching the videos, that’s cool too.

    The Red is dates for prep and ‘playwork’ to be submitted dates.

    BEFORE Sat 24th Feb

    Pre-101 PREP: Watch at least 'Welcome + Agreements', 'Definitions' and 'Innosense' self-paced videos

    ✔️ Sat 24th Feb 2024 (9am - 1pm NSW)

    (101) Live Interactive Session 1 : Accessing your Intuitive Greatness

    ✔️ Mon 26th Feb 2024 (evening) 

    (102) Optional Mid-Week Bonus Session: HeartVision + Areas of Life Meditations

    OR watch self-paced videos

    ✔️ Wed 28th Feb 2024 (evening)

    (102) Optional Mid-Week Bonus Session: Meme of Themes + Art of Choices

    OR watch self-paced video

    ✔️ Fri 1st Feb 2024 (by midday)

    Pre-Live Session 2 PREP: Complete your set of Authentic Choices + submit to mentors

    ✔️ Sat 2nd Feb 2024 (9am - 11am NSW)

    (102) Live Interactive Session 2: Breathing Soul into your Choices

    ✔️ BEFORE Sat 9th Feb 2024

    Pre-Session 3 PREP: Refine your set of Authentic Choices + Watch 'Intuitive Framework Set-Up' self-paced video

    ✔️ Sat 9th Feb 2024 (9am - 11am NSW)

    (102) Live Interactive Session 3: Intuiting Deep Knowingness & Soul Direction



    This course includes

  •  8 Video Lessons

  • 3 Live Sessions via Zoom

  • 2 Awesome Cheatsheets

  • Meet the A.I.M Team

    Leah Foley

    Leah is a medical intuitive & intuitive healer/coach with a life calling to consolidate a deeper understanding of how people (esp healers) can return back to health & vitality.

    Tess Miller-Sharp

    Tess is an intuition and Life Alignment Technique teacher, coach and speaker who is passionate about guiding soul conscious businesses and beings to thrive.

    Vincent Melling

    Vincent is an intuitive creativity coach, teacher and author who loves to blend these skills with his professional and business experience to guide students in turning their visions into end results with magic and flow.

    Raving Fans

    Here's what other students are raving about the trainings

    "Truly magic!"

    "I really enjoyed the training. It gave me practical tools to give actual readings - and what I came up with made sense! It was all very inspirational and the exercises were relevant and built on each skill as I learnt it. I now need to practise the skills that I have unlocked."

    Heather Mitchell, Holistic Money Mentor,


    "Wonderful experience!"

    "It was fantastic day of deep connection on multiple levels, Intuition, to others, to trust, to innocence, to knowing without knowing! I leave feeling deeper confidence in trusting my intuition.

    Ross Duncan, Journey Home to Soul Facilitator

    "Today blew my mind!"

    "The content, style of content, and the interaction with other participants was fabulous."

    Penny Hockings, Soul Weaver, Energy Alchemist,

    "I got a clearer understanding of what intuition is, tools to access my intuition and guidance on surrender/trust . PLUS some beautiful intuitive feedback/readings from others that I didn't know how much I needed it."

    Ashleigh M

    "Loved it. I felt like I belonged. The energy was soft, gentle, supportive and expanding."

    Annette B

    "I liked the order of exercises, particularly starting with the "And Then" game as an ice breaker . There was a clear progression with the content and exercises . Plenty of breaks."

    Cecilia Y

    "Thank you for today. It confirmed me to trust more. I liked doing the readings and receiving them too."

    Caroline C

    "Wonderful and very well planned. Brilliant !"

    Sarina I


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