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Harness Your Self Mastery 103

Supercharge Your Creative Momentum

A 6 month journey to Activate Your Authentic Creator &

Manifest Your Big Crazy Vision.



Are you blessed with big crazy dreams and beautiful compelling visions – but, when it comes to making progress towards your end results …

  • side projects demand attention and cause your vision to be shelved

  • your loved ones (family and friends) have needs that always seem to be urgent and so block your vision and drain your time and energy

  • and work that pays the bills drains your energy and all you want to do is unwind at the end of the day

  • .....

    The problem is...

    The problem is that visionaries are big hearted, your friends and family are important to you – and so are your commitments.

    But you haven’t learned how to balance all that with creating your visions.

    So you end up pushing that vision back, over and over again.


    You do have the time and the energy.

    You do know what you need to know.

    It only feels like you don’t because your unconscious limitations are running the show - and you can’t see them at work.

    And as Carl Jung said...

    Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

    However, once you learn how to do this, seeing your unconscious sabotage at work will become as easy as flicking a light switch.

  • You'll be able to create loving boundaries so that you can say yes to the things that are really important – and so create space for your vision.

  • You’ll stop seeing yourself as a heroic rescuer coming in to save others, and understand how that holds your loved ones back from activating their own power.

  • You’ll start to build friendships with people who support you and your vision.

  • You’ll rise above your self-doubt and open up to certainty, focus and clear decision-making.

  • You’ll see your dysfunctional patterns, the ones that sabotage you over and over, and learn how to sidestep them, so they no longer hold power over you. 

  • This is the path to Self-Mastery



    What if you understood how your unconscious, your limiting beliefs and your sabotage patterns were formed... and could masterfully transform it to naturally create your end results?


    What if you could learn to spot the behaviours that let you know when your sabotage pattern is at work and nip it in the bud?


    What if you could shift your consciousness into a new 'flow structure' that can and will lead you to create your HeartVision?


    And what if all that led you to enjoy flowing creativity, compassion for your inner wounding and the ability to see your resistance and move past it?

    And when you have, you’ll be able to 

  • Accelerate the speed and certainty with which you create your end results, 

  • Change your trajectory towards your end results from one of unwanted situations and obstacles arising from self-sabotages to one of direct forward momentum that makes a difference, and shifts the consciousness around you

  • Bring that big (even crazy) vision that only you can see to life. Understand why you label it crazy in the first place. Then use intuitive and creative tools to shift reality and naturally enrol others to assist you.

  • Dissolve your inner resistance, which naturally leads to dissolving resistance from others towards your dreams by holding compassion for yourself

  • Create bigger visions and better results in less time as you learn to harness the power of “Success breeds Success”

  • And this will create powerful positive shifts for you, as you

  • Find deeper meaning and purpose in your life

  • Discover (or rediscover) your innate creative expression and talents

  • Become a true leader who brings conscious change into your work environment, your family, your social circle and local community. Unleash your inner changemaker!

  • Marvel at how much others and the world are magnetised to help you in your creations because you have shifted your inner orientation.

  • Create your HeartVision with the adventure and vibrancy of life.

  • So, what is Harness Your Self-Mastery 103?

    It’s a 6 month journey that compassionately explores and harmonises your unseen self-sabotage.

    So you can activate your own Authentic Creator to manifest your big crazy vision.

    From there, you begin to supercharge your momentum and finally be a catalyst for change.

    Why 6 months?

    So you’re not pressured, you’re not rushed and you have time to assimilate.

    This is for you if you are someone who

  • Is a true visionary with a BIG heart

  • Can see a better future for our world

  • Can see a new and more aligned perspective that others don’t

  • Has a special message that the world needs to hear, even if you haven’t clarified it yet

  • Has inner/hidden resistance that blocks your vision and drains your energy




     Starting with reconnecting to your Authentic Creator and HeartVision choices

  • Sat 17th June: 9am – 1pm Meet & Greet  (4 hrs content delivered over 3 weeks) 

  • Exploring maps of consciousness and models of transformation

  • Building from the foundations for deeper alignment shifts


    This module focuses on learning the key tools to understand resistance and limitation, including the Wounded Inner Child and the ego

  • Sat 15th July: 9am - 1pm ( 8 hrs content delivery over 4 weeks)

  • Deconstructing outdated frameworks that stop you being a true creative leader and bringer of change-consciousness 

  • Shifting resistance within starts shifting the resistance around you – because, as you know, the outer world is a mirror reflecting our inner world


    With further curiosity and compassion, we explore deeper into the shadow. This is the moment of deep transformation creating fertile soil for your true Authentic Creator and Leader to emerge

  • 3A - Sat 12th Aug: 9am - 1pm  (10 hrs content delivery over 3 weeks)

  • 3B - Sat 9th Sept: 9am - 1pm  ( 8 hrs content delivery over 3 weeks) 

  • Understanding the difference between ego & shadow for better integration

  • Determining our sabotaging strategies through Enneagram types

  • Revealing dysfunctional patterns of behaviour that becomes doorways to turning situations around in your favour

  • Exploring and mediating the inner parts, leading to inner and outer congruency.


    This module is about embodying will and working with creative energies to influence your environment and build your vision

  • Sat 14th Oct: 9am - 1pm (10 hrs content delivery over 4 weeks) 

  • Circumnavigate false agendas (aka the sneaky ego), while finding the will and power inside to bring intended projects into tangible reality

  • Embody advanced communication methods to enrol others who are also excited by your HeartVision, synergistically bringing it to life.


    We wrap up the deeply transformational container by reconnecting back to the Authentic Creator

  • Sat 4th Nov: 9am - 1pm  (4 hrs content delivery over 2 weeks) 

  • Springboard to further success, as you bring the change in the world that you’ve always seen.

  • Tools and Training philosophy

  • Throughout this training, there are plenty of opportunities of intuitive circle work, drawing on group energy to recalibrate and stay aligned on your true path.

  • The AIM team will be holding the group through the 103 framework, sharing our experience and guidance to help you grow into true leadership & remember your Authentic Creator with compassion.


    I got a clearer understanding of what intuition is, tools to access my intuition and guidance on surrender/trust .

    PLUS some beautiful intuitive feedback/readings from others that I didn't know how much I needed it."

    Ashleigh M

    "Thank you for today. It confirmed me to trust more.

    liked doing the readings and receiving them too."

    Caroline C

    "Wonderful and very well planned.

    Brilliant !"

    Sarina I

    "I liked the order of exercises, particularly starting with the "And Then" game as an ice breaker . There was a clear progression with the content and exercises . Plenty of breaks."

    Cecilia Y