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Spirit Guide Meditation

Monday 16th May 2022

6:00 - 7:30 PM NSW

Decision Making with Certainty

Monday 6th June 2022

6:00 - 7:30 PM NSW


What You'll Learn In These Webinars

Spirit Guide Meditation


You've learned to access your intuition. 

You've learned to use circles to get focused insight and guidance. 

But sometimes you feel you want more. 

More detail. 

What's needed to really ground and bring an idea into the world. Solutions to problems.

Join us for this 90min informative Masterclass were you will:

# Learn to use Spirit guidance to download detailed information from intuition

Gain deeper insights into project and decisions

# Access and develop creative ides and 'hits'

You don't have to have any particular belief in spirit guides. This process still works powerfully as purely imaginary exercise.


Decision Making with Certainty

Can't decide on things?

Confused about what you should do when faced with too many options?

Get out of the monkey mind and analysis paralysis and create awareness of your natural decision making ability.

Join us for this 90min informative Masterclass were you will:

# Walk away with some quick tools to experiment with for decision-making in your life

#Create more self-awareness and have fun learning!

Inspired by Human Design, but no prior knowledge or belief in HD necessary.


The A.I.M. Team

Leah Foley

Leah is a medical intuitive & intuitive healer/coach who's life work is to consolidate a deeper understanding of how people (esp healers) can return back to health & vitality.

Tess Miller-Sharp

Tess is an intuition and Life Alignment Technique teacher, coach and speaker who is passionate about guiding soul conscious businesses and beings to thrive.

Vincent Melling

How come I’m so creative? Wrote so much of the copy on this site (the best bits)? Write subversive, witty songs? Create powerful intuitive trainings? Help people identify and crush their goals? Even when I have ZERO idea how they’re going to do it? Sign up,. Join us. Find out…

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