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What You'll Learn In These Webinars


There are many amazing ways to use intuition and this masterclass will teach you another fun way via your body’s energy centres.

We are physical beings, but we are also energetic. And this energy blueprint holds information that can be accessed at any time. 

Stretch your intuitive skills, have a play……and learn how to channel info via the energy centres.

Join us for this 90min informative Masterclass where you will:

# Explore the energy centres in the body that can be used as an intuitive framework

# Learn a new method to channel intuitive information (which also can be used for healing)

# Find out what the energy centres are wanting to tell you!

Get both events for only $33 (discount @ checkout)



Do you ever experience overwhelm, confusion, repeated patterns and stagnation in life, and a sense of being unable to move forward.

This is resistance, showing up in its many forms. And, every moment of your life, you’re playing this game of resistance. Or, rather, different parts of you are playing it.

So what have you got to do to win?

Join us for this 90min informative Masterclass where you will:

# Why it’s important to see the game of resistance for what it is – a game

# Which parts of you are playing the game, how they show up and what results they are going for

# What does the game look like?

# What are the winning strategies and why?.

Get both events for only $33 (discount @ checkout)



The A.I.M. Team

Leah Foley

Leah is a medical intuitive & intuitive healer/coach who's life work is to consolidate a deeper understanding of how people (esp healers) can return back to health & vitality.

Tess Miller-Sharp

Tess is an intuition and Life Alignment Technique teacher, coach and speaker who is passionate about guiding soul conscious businesses and beings to thrive.

Vincent Melling

Vincent is an intuitive creativity coach, teacher and author who loves to blend these skills with his professional and business experience to guide in turning their visions into end results with magic and flow.

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